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On-Site/Mobile Bridal & Engagement Services

Trial runs are not included. Please call to schedule separately.

Brides Hairstyle

Bride’s Traditional Makeup with Lashes

Engagement Session

Simple Hair and makeup for your engagement session. This does not include updo’s.

Flower Girl Package

10 yrs and under; includes hair & light makeup.

Attendees Hairstyle

Brides Maids, Mothers, etc.

Attendees Traditional Makeup Application with Lashes

Brides Maids, Mothers, etc.


Salon – Hair

Women’s Haircut

Flat Iron / Curl / Wand

Hair Extensions

Contact for info and pricing; requires consultation.

Shampoo Blowdry

$40 & Up
Childs Haircut Under 12

Men’s Haircut

Base Color

Up to 4grams

Partial Foils

11 to 30 Foils

Full Foils

31 plus Foils

Full Balayage

Partial Balayage

Formal Hairstyle for Any Occasion

Children’s Formal Service

10 yrs and under; includes hair & light makeup.


Salon – Makeup

Traditional Makeup Application

Strip Lashes + Application


Salon – Spa Services

Customized Skin Repair Treatment

These treatments are designed to maintain or improve your skin by determining and then addressing it’s unique needs, delivering the building blocks necessary for healthy skin. 60 mins.

Express Customized Skin Repair Treatment

For the babe on the go. Customized skin repair treatment but in half the time. 30 mins.

Skin Repair with Dermaplaning

This service is a simple and safe procedure for gently exfoliating, yet deeper exfoliation than microdermabrasion. 90 mins.

Back Skin Repair Treatment

Just like a Skin Repair Treatment but for your back and shoulders.

Brow and Lash Tint

Brow Tint

Henna Brows

Cause who doesn’t love a SUPER CLEAN & ARCHED brow. Natural and long lasting.

Henna Brows & Wax

Spray Tan

$30 & Up
Face and Body Wax Services

Waxing offers the smooth, bare feeling you desire without razor bumps and cuts. Drop your razor and book your first waxing appointment at The Babe Tribe.

$10 thru $65
Other Services

See Booking Page

Skin Repair Treatment Add-Ons

Hydrojelly Add-On

Extractions Add-On


Salon – Eye Lash Extensions

Classic Eyelash Extensions – 150 Minutes

$96 & Up
Classic Eyelash Extensions – 120 Minutes

$77 & Up
Classic Eyelash Extensions – 90 Minutes

$58 & Up
Classic Eyelash Extensions – 75 Minutes

$48 & Up
Classic Eyelash Extensions – 30 Minutes

Must be within 7 days of previous appointment.

$19 & Up

Volume Eyelash Extensions – 150 Minutes

$192 & Up
Volume Eyelash Extensions120 Minutes

$153 & Up
Volume Eyelash Extensions – 90 Minutes

$115 & Up
Volume Eyelash Extensions75 Minutes

$96 & Up
Volume Eyelash Extensions – 30 Minutes

Must be within 7 days of previous appointment.

$39 & Up

Salon Terms, Conditions, & Fees (important)

Certified and Professional

Booking Issue: please call 865-446-0472.

Notice: Our goal is to give you and all of our clients a relaxing experience. Due to limited space and insurance restrictions, we ask that you please make arrangements for children to stay at home.

Cancellation Policy: When a guest cancels without giving enough notice, they prevent another guest from being seen, and the service provider now has a vacant spot in their workday. Please be respectful of your service provider and other guests.

Please call us at 865-446-0472 by 4:30PM on the day prior to your scheduled appointment to notify us of any changes or cancellations. To cancel a Tuesday appointment please call us by 3PM on Saturday.

If prior notification is not given, you will be charged $50 or 50% percent of the service fee for the missed appointment. We will use the credit card on file to charge the service fee. By scheduling an appointment with THE BABE TRIBE SALON Company you are agreeing to the terms of our appointment cancellation policy.

Credit Card Policy: We require a credit card on file at all times.

Refund Policy: We offer full exchanges on all products. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your new product we will exchange it for something that better suits your needs. Returns on hair care products will be given full credit towards the purchase of another product or the full value in a gift card. Returned items must be in original box. We can not offer a return or exchange of custom ordered hair extensions.

Service Adjustments: The Babe Tribe wants you to love your services, our goal is that you love your look – period. Guests may contact us within 3 days of their service(s) for any changes that they require. We do not offer refunds on services, but we are happy to make things right for you within 7 days of the original service. If you request/require an additional service to achieve your desired look – and you did not originally receive that service – you will be charged full price for the service.

Terms, Conditions and Pricing are subject to change.

Bridal Services Terms, Conditions, & Fees (important)

Certified and Professional

Terms, Conditions, & Fees

Trial runs are NOT included.


We are available to travel both interstate and overseas. Inquire for more information regarding availability and quotations.


Travel fees and any other out of pocket expenses such as parking, flights, accommodations etc are additional to service prices and applicable to all mobile services.

The minimum travel fee is $35.00 and is to be confirmed when booking.

We require a minimum of 6 WOMENS hair or makeup services of $100.00 or more, for all appointments on Saturdays

We will travel out of state for a minimum of 8 WOMENS hair or makeup services.


A service charge of 15% will be applied to the total amount of services.


A down payment of 50% total service charge is required to secure your booking.


  • If there is a CANCELLATION or CHANGE OF A WEDDING/EVENT WITHIN 12 MONTHS OF THE DATE OF SERVICES and we cannot reschedule you or re-book that date, your DOWN PAYMENT of 50% WILL BE LOST.
  • IF THERE IS A CANCELLATION or CHANGE OF A WEDDING/EVENT WITHIN 90 DAYS OF THE DATE OF SERVICES the full amount will be invoiced and charged to you.

All balances must be paid in full within 14 business days of the wedding/event.

If the balance is not paid within 14 business days of the event, the company will not send stylists.

We will travel for a minimum of 6 ladies hair/makeup services for all Saturday appointments.

We will travel out of state for a minimum of 8 ladies hair/makeup services.

A Client’s Signature and/or down payment, confirms that the client has read and fully understood these terms and conditions when booking our services.

Invoice is final 90 days prior to event, no services may be added or subtracted after this time. Start/Finish times may not be changed.

In the unlikely event that services are cancelled for reasons on behalf of THE BABE TRIBE or Southern Belle Beauty 100% of the total including down payment will be refunded; see next clause.

Floods, acts of god, and force majeure: We are not responsible if an event or effect that can be neither anticipated or controlled results in event cancellation or our personnel not being able to arrive such as but not limited to a flood, rock slide, ice, extreme weather, human action, illness outbreaks, pandemics, government lock downs, or force.

Terms, Conditions and Pricing are subject to change.